Men’s Violence against Women

Men’s violence against women is a common phenomenon and could be considered one of the biggest health issues of our time. We speak of men's violence against women because statistics show that men are over represented as perpetuators in violence- related crimes against women. Additionally, violent and aggressive behavior are characteristics looked upon as masculine.


Women, in need of support and protection from men’s violence, find sanctuary and resources within our organization.


Men’s violence against women is expressed in different ways; it may be physical, psychological, sexual or economical. Regardless of what type of violence you have experienced, or the severity of your harm, his intentions are the same: to control and abuse you.


Physical violence includes slapping, pushing, punching etc. That is, acts that cause physical harm. You are the victim of phycological violence if you are being harassed, threatened, frightened, humiliated or forced to do something you don’t want to do. The same goes for being isolated from family and friends or being forced to change your way of living.


Sexual violence could be sexual harassments both verbally and physically, e.g. condescending words, groping or rape.


Economical violence is when someone, other than you, controls your assets and financial belongings.


Additionally, there are other ways to control and abuse someone. Amongst those are, hurting your pets, destroying your valuable material belongings or making you feel as if you always must be “on guard”.


No man starts his violent behavior on the first date but rather it is a process, and the violence gradually becomes more severe. Many women who experience violence have learnt to cope with it and keeps living with the man who abuses her. For most women, the violence has become normalized. Furthermore, many women blame themselves for the violence they are exposed to. Consequently, seeking help could feel scary and difficult. But it is never too late.


We believe in each human’s right to live freely without being controlled and abused. And we are here to support and help.


Thoughts for Consideration

  • Does your partner speak badly about women?
Has your partner changed in a negative way since you met him
  • Does your partner often complain about you?
  • Is your partner jealous and controlling?
Is your partner violent or aggressive toward material things or animals?
  • Has your partner started to become rough, threatened you or hit you?

If You are Exposed to Violence

  • Talk to somebody about your experiences.
  • Take diary notes so to remember exactly what happen and when.
  • See a doctor to have your wounds, bruises etc. documented.
Contact us for support.
  • Don’t believe him if he says it won’t happen again.
  • Make up an escape plan for emergencies.
  • File a police report on him. Men’s violence against women is a crime.

Never Forget

  • Most probably, his violence will become more severe after each beating.
  • He is abusing you psychologically if he isolates and controls you.
  • His partly loving, partly abusive behavior will break you down psychologically.
  • Men’s violence against women exists in all social classes, anyone can be exposed to it.
  • You are not the one to blame.
  • You have been the victim of a crime.
  • You are worthy of a better life.
  • You are not alone.
  • With the help and support from others you can change your situation.



Want to learn more about violence?
At Nationellt Centrum för Kvinnofrid (NCK) you will find extensive research about men's violence against women.