Legal help

You can get legal hep at Juridikjouren, one of the gruops at Kvinno- & Tjejjouren i Umeå. Juridikjouren is run by law students and offers judicial counselling over the phone, by mail, or in person tuesdays 18.00–20.30.


The women active in Juridikjouren are volunteers. As for everyone else active in Kvinno- och tjejjouren in Umeå, we maintain strict confidentiality and you can approach us anonymously. Questions that are common for us to receive regards family law, criminal law, procedural law, and contract law. We are happy to receive questions about other areas within law as well.


There are no silly questions and don’t hesitate about.


Contact us

Tuesdays, 18.00–20.30
90 77 97 00



Want to join Juridkjouren as a volunteer?
To become a volunteer you need to have completed at least three terms at law school.
Email for more information.